Clean Water Projects

About Access Life Bali Clean Water Projects

Access Life Bali started building simple household rainwater tanks in 2008. Sourcing and storage of water are both big issues in village areas on the island and since 2008 we have built over 60 water storage tanks. More recently, Access Life Bali water teams are working closely with local village leaders to create water systems appropriate for entire village areas, usually consisting of approximately 400 people.

Our goal is to bring clean drinking water closer to homes and also provide basic education about clean water.

Why do we have Clean Water Projects?

Access to water in some areas of Bali is very difficult. Outside of the tourist areas, poor farmers and villagers still walk kilometers daily to collect their household water. This water is most often from a dirty source. Every part of the Island is different, some areas have natural springs with very pure drinkable water. These springs are often left exposed to animals, pollution and are quickly contaminated.

In other parts of the island it is extremely dry with no reasonable access to surface or subterranean ����water sources.  Most villages have no existing water system infrastructure like piping or water storage which contributes to the risk of waterborne disease in their village water supply.

The Impact

Since commencing our work in 2008, Access Life Bali has impacted approximately 1700 people providing water solutions. On our most recent projects alone we estimate up to 300 families will have access to clean drinking water within meters of their homes.

Access Life Bali initially worked with individual households providing household rainwater tanks to help with water storage. These water tanks were completely enclosed protecting the quality of the water and also enabled the family the option of water disinfection. These water tanks can vastly improve quality of life for a family and increase their ability to raise more livestock and plant more crops due to a greater availability of water.

More recently, we have been working with two villages in different parts of the island. In these villages we have worked in partnership with the community to create  complete water systems including pipelines, water storage tanks, pumps and household water meters, giving families access to water they have never known. Both of these projects are providing clean drinking water within meters of each home.

What do we have planned?

Like many parts of Indonesia, the need for clean water on the island of Bali is endless.

Without doubt there is still a large portion of village communities who suffer from intestinal illness and disease because of lack of access to clean water. In 2010/2011, Access Life Bali plans to continue introducing clean water solutions to villages on the island.

We are currently surveying 4 new villages and working with their leaders to formulate appropriate water systems.

Where can you learn more?

We are really excited about the progress here in Bali. We have seen lives transformed because people have been able to progress in life with their access to clean water. We love to share these stories with you. If you want to learn more about our clean water projects check out our blog: where we will keep you updated of any new stories or new news – or feel free to contact us directly.

Additionally, be sure to checkout the media section of our website f