Mobility Aid Projects

About Access Life Bali Mobility Aid Projects

Access Life Bali started providing mobility aids to people with disabilities in 2009, and teamed up with Free Wheelchair Mission in early 2010. There is a great need in Bali for mobility aids due to the large number of people with disabilities who live in hard to access village areas.

Our goal is provide appropriate mobility aids and basic education on proper care for persons with disabilities in Bali.

Why the project exists

The majority of people with disabilities who live in outlying villages in Bali do not have access or sufficient income to receive mobility aids.

The result is a large number of people with disabilities who are living in extremely poor conditions. This is due largely to their economic situation and lack of education for the families on how to care for their family members with disabilities. Since people with disabilities cannot get out of their village to receive care, we take our project directly to the villages and meet people in their homes.

What we have done

Access Life Bali has distributed numerous mobility aids in outlying villages along with providing basic education in proper care of people with disabilities. We have also partnered with Free Wheelchair Mission in providing quality free wheelchairs in Bali.

This ongoing project is changing the lives of people with disabilities in Bali and providing better access to quality of life. We do this by taking the project directly to the people in need. By meeting people in their homes, we are able to connect with those who have no other means of accessing care.

What more is there to do

Do to the economic situation of many people with disabilities in Bali, there is much need.

As we meet a person with a disability and are able to provide them with a mobility aid, they often will inform us of one or two others they know who also need care.

In 2010/2011 Access Life Bali plans to distribute around 200 wheelchairs along with numerous other mobility aids. We would also like to build in a therapy role in the near future, so that we can provide basic therapy and therapy education.

What is the impact so far

Since 2009 Access Life Bali has been able to assist over 200 people with disabilities and we have distributed more then 65 wheelchairs.

How can you help?

A mobility aid goes a long way. Not only does it provide an immediate physical need but it also provides hope – hope for a better future. Access Life Bali Mobility Aid projects are, in may ways, the first “step” into a brighter future – and you can help shape this future.

A lot of the mobility aids sourced are imported and are often costly. A majority of our on-going costs can be broken down into two areas. Firstly: The mobilization of local national works (training and equipping the local villagers). Secondly, in the mobility aids themselves. Everything from wheelchairs to crutches.

You can help directly to furthering the work of Access Life Bali by partnering with us or donating directly to the purchase of a mobility aid.

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You can stay up to date with the latest news and stories on our Mobility Aid Projects on the Access Life Bali Blog. You can also check out the latest photos from the Mobility aid project on the Media section of our website.