Do you want to help us but are short of funds yourself?  You can become a fund raiser!

Why Fundraise for Access Life Bali?

You may be on a budget or have little of your own money to give to this project. Or maybe you’d like to give a large amount towards a particular project or item ( like buying a wheelchair, or building a tank) and don’t have all the funds yourself. This is where you can put on an event to raise money for the project. We can email you the Access Life Bali logo to use in your fundraising material and also send you photos or videos to use too. The idea is to outlay as little as possible so that at least 80% of the money you raise goes towards the nominated project (the other 20% can be used for things that you might not be able to get donated like hall hire, hire of microphone and speakers, tables etc)

Here’s some ideas that might kick off your planning – or you might have some brilliant idea of your own – BE CREATIVE.

Most importantly, remember to take lots of photos so we can write it up on our blog and as a fund raising story.

Fundraising ideas

Dinner and auction – you can ask local businesses to donate items and they get free publicity on the night ( and you can even offer to advertise flyers for them on the night). You can ask people to donate items for auction. You can hold the auction in someone’s yard or in the local community hall ( try to get the venue for free).

Walk-a-thon -Especially if raising money for those who can’t walk ( i.e. need a wheelchair or other mobility aid). Come up with a catchy title . Set it up with a route of differing lengths ( 1km, 5km, 10km)- people can raise money per km or ask for a one-off donation. Make sure people have some way of registering pledges ( pledge form with ALBali logo?) and a way to easily give you the money they collected after the event.

Cook-Off – have a good old fashioned bake sale. Encourage people you know to contribute cakes, muffins, pastries, biscuits, cup cakes for sale. You can rent a stall at your local weekend markets. You can also sell things like jams and preserves, fudge, slices etc. Or maybe your local church has a Market Day coming up- they might be willing to let you have a stall there if you let them know that you are raising money for a charity organisation overseas ( direct them about our website for more info!)

Karaoke Night – here’s a way to raise money and be entertained at the same time. Find a friend who has a Sony Sing Star or similar. Host a karaoke night – make sure there’s a theme. You can offer door prizes for people who come dressed up in the theme. You can charge a cover charge( e.g. $10), or charge per song ( e.g. $2.50 per song ). You can provide snack and drinks – but people have to pay for them ( maybe one of your friend is a budding barista and wants to make flavoured cappucinos, you can try and get the coffee from a local cafe in exchange for advertising on the night). The idea is to make the snacks or get your friends to make them.

Recycling Treasures – why not clean out that attic, basement, storage unit, junk room or garage this weekend? Instead of leaving things kerb side for the scavengers to pick up, invite your friends over to rummage through your things – maybe Grandma’s old teapot is just the quirky centrepiece they want on their mantelpiece! To make it even bigger, encourage other family members, friends or  colleagues to contribute those ‘treasures’ they no longer want. You can even have a rack of clothes that don’t fit you anymore or perhaps that is left over from your parents’ era  ( esp if you have stuff going back to the ’70s or ’80s – always good for the dreaded ‘theme party’.)

Breakfast with a celebrity – do you know any famous people? Maybe your brother in law or cousin or next door neighbour is on the Olympic team, or is a cricketer, or is the local weather girl. Ask them if they’d like to contribute just 2 hours of their time in exchange for a free breakfast for a worthy cause.  Approach a cafe in your local shopping mall, or main street in your town to ask if they would host a breakfast with the celebrity- they provide the venue and advertise it in their shop window (as a charity event for Access Life Bali) ( and it’s FREE publicity for them). When passers-by sign up, they pay for a set breakfast (whatever the cafe charges ) + 10% (the donation)- all you need is 5-6 people signing up for a table, if you get more, then you might even book out the whole cafe! You can even contact the local newspaper and tell them about the story – local papers are always looking for interesting stories to run for their human interest articles.

Dog Wash/Grooming – ��you could set this up in your yard, advertise in your local community hall as a charity event. Pick a day where there’s a lot of foot traffic – your local market day is ideal. Pick a suburb where many people have pets ( i.e. more houses than apartments). Make sure you have enough  helpers who are comfortable around dogs and don’t mind getting wet. People can drop their dogs off and then go wander around the markets for 30 mins, then come back to a clean and sweet smelling pet.

Need more ideas? Google it! There are a lot of ideas floating about the internet and it might trigger something unique of your own. So what are you waiting for? Go for it!

Fundraising stories

  • Wool for Wheelchairs
    Who would ever have thought that a collection of knitting wool could provide transport for the disabled and for Access Life Bali staff to reach them in remote villages?

What next?

When you have finished your fundraiser, you can give to us via PayPal, or depositing directly into our bank account in Australia or in Bali. Please contact us via the website to get bank account details. Thank you!