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Access Life Bali started in early 2008 with Mr Gusti Nyoman Aryana (the now head of our foundation) and a number of local partners building small rainwater tanks in some of the dry area’s on the island. These professionals will gladly help you improve your “edit my essay” with their comments tanks were mainly for storing and capturing rainwater in individual households. Since these early beginnings we have built more than 60 rainwater tanks and now work more consistently finding clean water access solutions for entire villages.

In early 2010, Access Life Bali started a new project working with people with disabilities on the island. We now have two full time local teams who travel the island weekly helping the disabled in their homes. Access Look At This Life Bali now employs 10 full time local staff and works in partnership with a number of foreign social workers from both Australia and the United States.

The Team

Meet the Access Life Bali  team. You can read some of our staff profiles below:


I�����m Lisa, originally from Jawa, but have been living in Bali since 1998. I’ve worked in the hospitality and tourism industry, in a garment factory and in a silversmith factory (in Human Resources). I started at Access Life Bali in January 2010 as office administrator. My job is really a jack of all trades as I do a bit of straight from the source everything from updating our budget spreadsheet and writing bi-monthly reports to visiting Mobility patients with the Transform Team. Even though I am part of the behind-the- scenes staff here, I enjoy being part of the ALI team, helping the rural and disabled communities in Bali to get access to the services they need.


I’m Nathanael and I live in Negara in West Bali with my wife Fitri and our sons Jondri, Efraim, and Lewi. I���������m from Sumatra and moved to Bali in 2003. I used to work in a factory making spare parts for motorbikes and cars and have also worked in a sanitorium for those suffering mental disorders and also drug addictions. I started working with Access Life in 2008, building water tanks in remote communities. Now we are involved in more complex piping and tank projects in West Bali. I am happy to be able to part of the solution of providing clean water to West Bali.


My name is Ricco and I was born and raised in Bali. I live about one hour North West of Denpasar in Bali with my wife Eka and our 3 sons. I�����ve been with Access Life Bali since January 2010. I am involved with helping the Transform Team as they serve people with disabilities, but I also enjoy helping out with water projects as needed. I used to work on cruise ships but it took me away from my family for 1-2 years at a time which was very hard. Now I get to spend time with my family, and also be part of helping my own people which is very rewarding.


I am Nyoman. I am Balinese and have lived in the mountains of North West Bali all my life- it���s about 2 hours north of Denpasar. My wife Kadek and I have a teenage son, Peter. I’ve worked in the building and labouring industry all my life. I joined ALI in 2008 to be part of the Water Team in East Bali. We’ve worked on building dozens of tanks and also in piping and tank projects around Karangasem and Buleleng regencies. Now I am the team leader, overseeing both Water teams- I enjoy getting around to visit them as they are working out in the villages and helping them be the best they can be.


My name is Made and I am Balinese, living in Bali my whole life. In the past, I’ve worked as a maid and even as a waitress in a restaurant. I also have experience working with children at a kindergarten/pre-school. I joined the Transform Team (mobility aids and therapy) in January 2010. Every week, we go out to visit patients in remote villages and assess them to see if they need a wheelchair, or walker or crutches in order to get mobile again. I’m happy to be helping people with disabilities in a tangible way, to be able to give them some freedom of movement and therapy.


My name is Ani. I grew up in the eastern part of Bali. My husband and I are blessed with 3 sons and a daughter. I joined ALI in January 2010 as part of the Transform Team (mobility aids and therapy). Prior to that I used to sell clothing and was a stay at home Mum. As my kids are old enough to look after themselves, I’ve felt able to be part of contributing something back to the community where I live. I feel privileged to be able to help people with disabilities, whether it’s by buying medicine, giving therapy, treating pressure sores or just being someone whom they can talk to.


I’m Kadek, married to Nyoman , with 1 son, Peter. I’ve always been a stay at home wife and mum, helping to raise goats for our livelihood as well as working seasonally harvesting cloves which is what the mountains where I live are famous for. My husband already worked for Access Life Bali and so in January 2010, when the Transform Team was being established, I applied to join. I’ve really enjoyed going out to visit patients, helping them get back on their feet or into a wheelchair, listening to them , giving encouragement and advice.

Kadek Viktor

My name is Kadek Viktor, and although I am Balinese, I was born and raised in Central Sulawesi.  Now I’m living in Gianyar, Bali with my wife and two kids.  I joined with Access Life Bali in 2014.  I am happy to to be involved in helping people in the rural villages of Bali to have access to clean water.  I learn a lot about life when I am working with the Balinese communities that have water needs.  My hope is that the future will bring many more opportunities to help people.



My name is Andre, and I am from the island of Alor.  I was working in the business world, accounting and management, before coming to Access Life Bali.  I stepped away from that because I felt a strong desire to help people in difficult situations.  I really enjoy working with the Transform Team because we get the opportunity to significantly improve people’s lives and give them hope for a better future.�������������������� My responsibilities at ALB include leading the Transform Team along with organizing work schedules.


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