This has been a long time coming… The Access Life Team has been waiting for a shipment of wheelchairs for over a year.  More importantly, there are many people with disabilities here in Bali that have been waiting for the wheelchairs.

Lisa, Ash, Daniel, and Pak David have been working hard signing papers, sending letters, seeking signatures, jumping through hoops, and cutting through endless red tape.  It has been a frustrating process, but we are happy to tell you that the wheelchairs were delivered to our storage building last week!

The team gathered at scheduled dropoff time of 9am to help unload 550 wheelchairs.  9am came and went…  We got word that the customs officials had ‘important matters’ to handle at the airport, so we waited some more.  Then we were told they would come  around 1pm… finally at about 3pm, five big trucks arrived full of the long awaited cargo.

Although it was really hard work, the time went by quick with lots of smiles and joking.  After two trips down to the harbor to unload the container, all the wheelchairs were in the storage building, the doors were sealed by customs officials for a mandatory two day waiting period, and we all headed home at around 9pm.

It was a long, tiring, great day!

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