In Tinga-Tinga, the pipes have all been installed.  The taps and valves all connected to individual homes.  The water flows continually… lots and lots of water.  This is a really big change for this little village on the edge of the national forest.

Pak Nyoman with some men from Tinga-Tinga

I remember during those first days when the pipes were newly installed.  Anytime we connected a new tap, a small crowd would gather with buckets and containers.  Maybe they didn’t really believe that these new water taps would always have water.  There are several water taps about 1.5 kilometers from Tinga-Tinga that have water flowing about twice a week for only 1-2 hours at a time.  When the water comes on, the word spreads via text messages and good old fashioned yelling, and then the ladies come from all around with their buckets.  They line up and hope the water will keep running long enough for them to get a bucket full.

As people in Tinga-Tinga started getting used to having the water right outside of their homes, the crowds would no longer gather because they started to trust the pipe network installed by ALB.  One day, we were adjusting some of the connections near some homes, and I was crouching down beside a tap that was shooting out water.  The pressure was way too high and we were trying to adjust it so it would be easier to use.  Several ladies came out to say thank you to Pak Nyoman and me.

High Pressure

One of the ladies said something that I won’t soon forget…  “I’m so glad we have this water right near my house.  Now I won’t be bald in the dry season anymore!”  I was a little confused.  She saw my confusion and went on to explain that much of the hair on top of her head would fall out because of the many buckets of water she had to carry on her head.  The other ladies added their stories of how their lives will be so much easier and healthier now that there is a consistent source of clean water right at their homes.

Thanks for your part in helping ALB provide water (and a full head of hair) to the hardworking ladies of Tinga-Tinga.

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