(This is a guest post from a good friend of ALB, Steve Gillard. Steve is a Physiotherapist in Newcastle, Australia.)

The smile says it all!!

On a recent family holiday to Bali I had the great pleasure of catching up with some friends on the Access Life Bali team. Having previously attended on a short term project for mobility, it was wonderful to catch up with past acquaintances such as sisters Mira and Liman. Wheel chair bound in January 2010, but now walking with light supervision only.

It was also challenging and rewarding to come across ‘accidental clients’, such as an 80 year old stroke victim on the north shore, somewhere hear Gerogkak. Essentially bed ridden for 10 years and relying on his 2 sons to carry him out for toileting, we found he has actually had enough recovery of muscle tone for basic mobility.

A wheelchair could be assembled and fitted on the spot by the ALB team, and the broad smile said it all! This one hour of our time has made an enormous impact on the quality of life for our accidental client.

Please remember your support for the ALB team.

– Steve