The Handover

The water project in Sukadana was completed in May, and there was a small ceremony to hand over responsibility for the water to the local community.  There were village leaders and government officials that attended and gave short speeches.  Jon and Pak David represented Access Life Bali, and they were accompanied by former boxing champion and Olympian, Nemo Bahari (He’s the one with the raised fist in the orange shirt).  He is still a famous guy throughout Indonesia, and he was representing a group of businessmen that donated some funding to this project.

There was serious excitement about the fact that water would be pumping up the hill and to the various groups within the community.  There are hundreds of people in Sukadana whose lives will be greatly changed for the better!  They were very thankful.

However, in communities like Sukadana, where getting water has been a challenge for as long as most can remember, it becomes an entirely new challenge for the community to distribute the water in an equitable way.  In the past, obtaining a small amount of water depended on how much money you had and who your friends were.  Now all the water is available to everyone equally, regardless of their economic or social standing.  This transition can sometimes be a difficult one.

The Champ

That is why our work in a community does not always stop when a water project is completed.  We continue to work with the local leaders to ensure that the water is managed and distributed in a fair and efficient manner.  Much responsibility is placed on the group of men that are tasked with managing this new resource, so we will continue to be hanging around Sukadana… offering ideas, giving support, and making sure everything goes smoothly.