A simple, brilliant solution

The Tigawasa water project has been finished for nearly two months.  On a routine trip out to the village to test water quality and inspect the pipe network, I noticed something different at the water source.

It all started when the men from the village recognized that there was still a lot of water being wasted at several points as it flowed down the mountainside.  They also knew that the ladies could use additional water to meet the increasing needs for water used in washing clothes and bathing at the main water tanks.  So they bought some cement and pipe fittings, found some leftover pipe from the project, and built a mini-reservoir that feeds into the existing larger reservoirs beside the main water tank.  The word is that nearly a hundred people can now gather for washing and bathing without emptying the reservoirs by the main tank.

This may look like just some simple pipe and cement.  However, what you are actually looking at in this picture is something we call Appropriate Technology.  Access Life Bali always tries to install water systems that use materials and equipment that are available locally, and we also invite the people from the village to work alongside us so that the projects can be locally sustained long after the ALB team is gone.  So as we help others to have clean water, in the process we are also empowering a village with the ability and knowledge to help themselves.  It’s a win-win.  It’s appropriate technology…