Nearly all the men in this village are farmers.

Last week, we ran a 3.5 day Train the Trainer 1 program for the ALB staffers. Next week, they will meet with the head of the village to present the program to him and have him set up a committee. Once the committee is trained and on board, they choose CHE volunteers from the village who will then get trained. The CHE volunteers then take their lessons to their neighbours ( pass on the teaching). The whole process takes about 12 months investment of time to change the wholistic health of this community for the better.

Simulating a village session- sitting on the floor is the way we roll

This is from a drama about aid vs development-all sessions started with a drama or story

Small group work is a key feature of this training

Groups presented back their findings after small group work

Every morning groups took turns to review the previous days’ lessons

Learning about how to identify problems in a village and brainstorming solutions

The participants took turns with a teaching a practice lesson

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