This is the logo on the back of the new MATeam work shirts we are having made. The design was created in house by one of the brains on team! The MATeam are looking forward to having these new shirts to wear as they head out to visit patients.

Here are 2 of the people we’ve recently helped get mobile:

Many years ago, Mr Gede, now 75 years old,  fell from a tree and was in a coma for 25 days in Amlapura Hospital.  Three years ago, Mr Gede fell again and broke his collar bone, one of his ribs, one of his hip bones and also his wrist! This resulted in his current paralysis/inability to get around. Mr Gede was  very happy to receive a wheelchair from ALB and FWM – he never dreamed he’d ever have one as his family are very poor and there was no way they would have been able to afford it.

When she was just 19, Ms Putu suddenly went weak in her legs and resulted in paralysis (very likely as a result of some untreated illness, people here seldom go to a doctor). Her shoulder also looks like it is out of its socket and her back is so weak as to be unable to support her weight and her whole body is now in a weakened state. She is now 25 years old.

The team gave her a wheelchair which will help her family to get her out and about, to at least get some fresh air. They are very grateful for this assistance as they could never have afforded it.

And these wheelchairs are courtesy of Free Wheelchair Mission – the team have quite a job (and apparently a lot of fun) of putting it together.