Getting There

On April 28, 2011, in General News, by jon

Mountains, valleys, rivers, and ravines…  These physical features naturally cause certain places to become isolated and difficult to reach.  Those same places also tend to suffer from inadequate medical facilities, poor roads, and insufficient clean water supply.  Access Life Bali makes it our practice to seek out those hard to reach places and offer assistance to those in need.

Most people that support and give towards the water and mobility projects here in Bali rarely get to see one of the most important aspects of our work: getting there.  You may have seen pictures of happy people drinking clean water or a person with disabilities finally able to get out and enjoy the world because of a wheelchair, but it is also important to understand the challenges and obstacles of ‘getting there’.

On the road to the Tigawasa water project, the ‘road’ has deteriorated into a string of potholes and boulders that tear up shocks, springs, and tie rods on the ALB truck.  Ronald and Nyoman could tell stories of walking up a long dirt path while carrying 50 pound bags of cement on their backs, all because there was no road suitable for a truck or motorbike. Arie often has to manage driving on very small and winding roads with big dump trucks competing for space.  This is a recent picture of Jon’s motorbike on the side of the road.  He was heading to Negara to check on the Pangkung Liplip project, and something in the road punctured his tire.  After pushing his bike for about a kilometer, he found this friendly guy named Pak Wayan that owned a tire repair shop.  After about 40 minutes for a patch and a cupper, he was back on his way.

We’re happy to share the stories of lives changed every week through access to water and mobility, but remember that behind every story of a life changed is another story… what it took to get there.

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Access Life Bali Clean Water and Mobility Aid projects would be non-existent if it were not for the support and generosity of many people.

Today we are happy to announce that we’ve made it easier to partner with us and support Access Life Bali to provide hope and care to people with disabilities and to communities without access to clean water.

We’ve launched an online donations form where you can give a one-off gift or make a longer term commitment with regular contributions.

People often ask us how much impact they can make with their donation. To give you a guide, we’ve created a small list of suggested donation amounts which shows you how far your money can go. Click on the image below for suggestions:

Thank you for considering financially supporting our work here. Your kindness and compassion can be crucial to changing someone’s life.

The Access Life Bali Team

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