Our latest West Bali project is gaining momentum! The community of Pangkung Lip Lip have been gathering together each day and just last week they completed the two 15,000ltr holding tanks that will store water from their new bore hole well. after completion of this project, 60 families will recieve water direct to their homes via this community managed water supply.

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Mountain Spring

On February 15, 2011, in General News, by ash

Well, the Tiga Wasa project has been running for almost 6 months now! After lots of humps in the road and a little discouragement we have finally sourced a spring which is flowing at 30,000 ltr/hr! Crystal clean water! Dangin Pura village is working hard and this week building a retaining wall to enclose and protect the spring. This is our most technical and challenging project yet involving three pumps over 1.1km up an elevation of 200m. Thanks to some help from the Aussie Government and some big businesses in Oz, this project is well supported. Thanks!