In House Training

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On Monday 24th Jan, Clair Young, a friend of Access Life Bali, came in to give us all some training about non verbal communication skills for special needs children. We learnt a bit about cerebral palsy, Down’s Syndrome and autism and how to reach out and connect with kids that have these disabilities. The most important things is to have patience ,to invest time into these kids and their families and to TEACH their families how to reach out and care for the special needs kids. In most cases, the families have not been given an accurate diagnosis ( so many families think their children were disabled by a dose of polio when in fact they might have contracted meningitis which was not treated). Many parents just need help in how to communicate with their kids, to understand they are not mentally retarded just because they are autistic, and to help them to become independent to the best of their ability. It was an eye opening session for all of us!

Listening and learning about special needs kids



Happy New Year

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We ended 2010 with a Christmas party- where Arie and Nyoman caught the fish for a bbq and the women spent all day cooking a variety of Balinese dishes We are also very grateful for all the people who’ve supported us financially in 2010 – special thanks for Mandy Hanna for her sterling fundraising efforts, and the group of friends from Sydney who decided that rather than do a gift exchange among themselves this year, they would collect the money and give it to us instead. Champions!

After a lovely 2 week break over Christmas, all the staff met in the office today for the first day back of 2011. We celebrated through some highlights of 2010 and what our vision of how things can be improved for 2011. One thing that kept recurring was the need for more follow up- both from the MATeam and also the Water teams.  We need to work out a good strategy and focus for the ever increasing needs of the Balinese people, while we only have limited manpower and resources. We realised that logistically we can’t help the whole of Bali, we need to choose certain areas and really pour our time and energies into helping the people in those areas as thoroughly as possible.

TIGAWASA – water project update

Had some setbacks last year when the drill bits on the bore kept breaking down because of the hard rock which we had to drill through. Unfortunately, the water source , when we finally came to it, was too small to be of use. So the new plan is to use a existing water source about 1km away and build holding tanks and use pipes to bring it to the community.

PANGKUNG LIP LIP- water project update

The boring has been completed – next step  build h0lding tanks for the water which will be drawn up from the bore, and start piping it to households.

MATeam – the team are working out how to best use their time between surveying new patients and following up on existing patients. There’s only 4 of them plus 1 driver so it’s a real stretch of their time. And as much as it pains them to do it, they can’t help everyone that asks or at least have to respond more slowly so that they can be effective to the people they do help!