New project at Tiga Wasa

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After a month of surveying and talking with the community in Tiga Wasa village,north Bali, boring of a new well started on Monday.

Thanks to the help of Dr John Bradd (Hydro Geologist) from Australia and working in partnership with Entrust this new well will provide clean water to more than 30 families without access to water near their homes. Currently the village relies on a number of dirty springs in the wet season and then in the dry they face a daily challenge to find water.

Pak Ronald and Pak Ricco will oversee this project after some recent training on bore well construction. According to the community, a bore well has never been attempted in this area and to them it will be a miracle if we hit water. Though, after a lot of survey work, we are confident there is a good reserve. We’ll keep you updated!

Check out some of the photos from the project:

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Well, after at least 10 months of hard work by Pak Nyoman and Pak Ronald, the project in Sangsana, Tianyar Tengah is finally done!

Last week we had the Australian Consul General visit to see the project.

The guys were pretty proud to show him around and it was quite an honor for me too. A map of where this project was complete can be seen below:

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The Australian Consulate here in Bali donated about $4,500 to this project. After eating sandwiches and some spicy curry we braved the rough tracks to show him around the different water tanks that make up this system. The village of Sangsana is now managing their own clean water supply!

Here are some photos form the site:

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The Wool for Wheelchairs fundraiser was a very creative initiative from John and Joy Seaton of Charlestown, NSW, Australia.

John’s aunt had recently moved to a nursing home and he and Joy were faced with the enormous task of emptying her home. Aunt Marj was a bower bird – she had collected many things over the years and it looked like she had never thrown anything away. As a keen knitter, something she had accumulated over many years was wool. Throughout the house the Seatons found bags and bags of wool, most of which was still in its original wrapping. All in all there were over 10,000 balls of wool in the house. It was too much for any one person to use and too good to just give away to the local goodwill shop. The Seatons have had a long relationship with Access Life Bali, from the inception of the foundation, and have even visited several of the water projects while they were on holiday in Bali. John had the idea of holding a sale to sell all the wool, and then use the money raised to buy wheelchairs for Access Life Bali, which was the newest arm of the foundation.

Their son and daughter-in-law, Neil and Trudy Seaton, began to sell the wool on eBay and held a garage sale. Meanwhile, John and Joy began to plan a giant Wool for Wheelchairs market day at their church. They made up flyers, placed notices in the local newspaper and sorted through all those bags of wool to price them. Though the day of the fundraiser was wet and cold, they were able to display the wool on long tables in the church yard and Hall.

Keen knitters responded to the newspaper ads and many people from their church also came to buy wool and support their fundraiser. At the end of the day the Seatons had sold nearly all of the wool and combined with the eBay sales, had raised AU$10,000 for Access Life Bali.

The mobility project team decided to use the money to purchase a much needed vehicle for transporting wheelchair-bound and other disabled people. Who would ever have thought that a collection of knitting wool could provide transport for the disabled and for Access Life Bali staff to reach them in remote villages?

Thank you John, Joy, Neil and Trudy, for your fundraising efforts on behalf of Access Life Bali.

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